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To travel is to live

– Hans Christian Andersen

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.


Work + Travel


Fun facts:  explored 46 countries/ territories on 5 continents and worked and educated on 3 continents thus far.  

My first career with global company STA Travel, brought me from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and London for management development, and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on a work exchange while mastering ins and outs of the industry.  With a forward thinking culture inspired by a traveling mindset, the company encouraged graduates who studied abroad to dive into leadership, running retail stores across U.S. cities and universities.  As a manager, I gained hands on experience across all functions from hiring, training, and motivating of staff to implementing strategy across business plans, sales, marketing, operations, and vendor and client relationships.  The travel know-how and business foundation proves invaluable to this day.

The New York fashion chapter was filled with regular travel to Asia working with material suppliers and manufacturers to constantly develop new product, along with inspiration trips to the world's fashion capitals of Tokyo, Paris, London, and Milan discovering that next trend and must have.  Travel and trendspotting go hand in hand, connecting the dots across the world while having your finger on the pulse.    

In between city life, a year of solo travel exploration lead me to island living through surf.  Desire to experience work and life at this other end of the spectrum encouraged me to partner in a Bali surf hospitality venture inspired by emerging importance of experiential travel.  Building a business in a foreign country brought immense life lessons beyond anything I could learn in previous work challenges or my New York chapter, embracing leaps of faith.     

London, the latest chapter, being a world tech hub fosters exploration of the ever evolving innovation, tech and startup landscape drawing on travel, retail and fashion vertical knowledge.    

Life + Travel

Travel is in my blood and at the heart of my perspective, in life and in my work.

Climbing Dune 45 in the Namib Desert on this year's camping safari brought me full circle to my first desert adventures living in Saudi Arabia, when my father's work brought us there from Taiwan.  Born in Taipei the capital, those early formative years in a bustling city would lay roots for various chapters in Beijing, Philadelphia, New York, and now London in pursuit of study abroad and work across travel, fashion, design, and innovation as a lifelong learner.

University summer abroad in Beijing brought me back to my Chinese roots, and a chance to fill my inspiration library with its rich history of languages, art, architecture, and textiles.  During semester abroad in Strasbourg, France, I eagerly soaked up Europe's culture, history, art, and architecture exploring a new continent.  These firsthand experiences enable a deep cultural aptitude for future work in international settings.

Experiential Travel

Tribe Kelana, meaning wanderer in Indonesian, is the Bali surf accommodation and cafe conceived as the prototype for a network of travel hubs build around surf, wellness, culture, creativity, and harmony.  Born from a belief in enriching, authentic travel as a transformative way of life, we chose Canggu for the amazing waves, surf community, laid back vibe, and serene surroundings before tourism proliferation and digital nomad movement put it on the map.  On an island rich in craftsmanship, I enjoyed expanding my design skills from fashion to interiors, furniture and floor plans.  This adventure in entrepreneurship abroad has planted seeds for a creative surf co-working/ co-living space in my next chapter by the sea.   

Leap of Faith

Animated visuals created from travel photos reflecting this theme.  The energy you put out into the world attracts like energy in your journeys across life and work.  

Surf: Costa Rica + Bali + UK

My first intro to surf was in Nosara, Costa Rica with the amazing founder and coaches of Surf Simply.  I totally fell in love with surfing, its connection to the sea and respect of nature's forces, lifestyle of wellness uniting body and mind, and the wave stoke!  This new love lead me to Canggu, Bali in my year of solo travels, where I learned from local guides at The Chillhouse drawn to the founders' green karma, and got introduced to the longboard community of Deus, with a return to Nosara before being lured back by Bali's entrepreneurial island surf life.  The surf community is truly a global family bonded by a shared love for the ocean and waves.           

Surf Lifestyle Cinemagraphs + Animation

Project to document the spirit and dedication of the London surf community on our weekend journeys to the coast for wave stoke.