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Next Mission: Rocketspace

In our increasingly tech enhanced digital world, I share the story of Amy's hunt for her next mission in life.  Inspired by Hyper Reality, which envisions scenarios from the Shift report on the future of work and technology, we move toward new realities and paradigms.  As the cadence of change gets faster and faster in the innovation landscape, will she achieve aspirations to help create greater ecosystem synergy as part of an energetic, visionary team?  I invite you to hit play below to come along on the adventure.

As Innovation Manager, Amy combines strategic and creative thinking to amplify impact via ecosystem synergy as illustrated in the 2 case studies below.  

 Leap Motion: RocketSpace San Francisco Alumni

Case study of Leap Motion Global Creative Program strategy for new London design and R&D studio, focusing on creative and tech synergy in the capital's VR/ AR landscape within the wider innovation ecosystem, and human connection underlying technology enabled through a new medium for storytelling with pioneering gesture control.    

Founders Factory: Startups + Corporate Innovation

Case study of Founders Factory, startup accelerator and incubator with corporate funding across six industry verticals, drawing on untapped synergies across London's startup and tech innovation ecosystem.  In particular strengthening focus on networks with potential to accelerate growth in: AI and big data by engaging UK-China collaboration alongside AI community; beauty by exploring symbiosis via fashion tech/ retail tech and IoT; and travel linking back to AI and big data applications.   

VR Diversity Initiative

Tapping know-how as a manager, strategist, and designer to build partnerships, help coordinate technical workshop event, and increase awareness for the VR Diversity Initiative in the first month joining the not-for-profit organisation.