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Create.  Innovate.  Connect.

 Creativity is just connecting things.

- Steve Jobs


Welcome to A CHAO DESIGN, your creative and innovation partner.   

To create is to journey through connecting ideas and shared vision to bring them to life. 

I invite you to hit play on the video below to explore our journey together.

Creating.  Innovating.  Engaging your tribe. 

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The heartbeat of my work is to further human connection, crafting meaningful stories, products, and experiences drawing on my background across fashion, retail, travel, and innovation. 

My superpower is to help drive brands forward, distilling insights into impactful designs, strategy, and action.   

Looking forward to bring ideas to life as we journey together.

E-Shaped Multidisciplinary Multi-Specialist


I bring E-Shaped talent with multidisciplinary breadth and multi-specialist depth as a creative and technologist.  Multidisciplinary experience gained across fashion, retail, travel, and trend insight and multi-specialist expertise as a designer of products and visuals and brand strategist.  Execution in putting ideas to action to achieve tangible results and constant exploration through curiosity to innovate via collaborative culture.  Being E-shaped brings value in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, evolving from T-Shaped stars highlighted by Tim Brown CEO of IDEO in 2005 as published in Fast Company, being adept at change and problem solving with human centred focus while embracing technology.  



I deliver each service for you with big picture thinking to connect the dots between visual storytelling, product design, and brand and innovation strategy.  Experiences at global fashion and travel retail companies actively engaging in multifunctional roles set the benchmark.

  • Visual stories evoke emotional connection with audiences to engage buy in and action. 
  • Understanding product inside out through design and development enhance telling the authentic brand stories.
  • Applying brand and innovation strategy hands on to processes and products enables thinking that translate successfully into action and results.  

Visual Storytelling

  • Content Creation 
    • Website
    • Social Media
    •  Email Marketing
  • Motion & Video: 2D Animation & Cinemagraph
  • Product Flat Lay Photography 
  • Editorial Curation
  • Visual Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Iconography
  • Lookbooks
  • Presentations
  • Copywriting

Product Design

  • Trend and Market Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • Design Sketch and Rendering
  • Technical Spec
  • Prototyping 
  • Material and Technique Development
  • Sourcing and Manufacturing
  • Price Structure
  • Testing & Revisions
  • Graphics Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Fashion Accessories Design
  • Laser Cut Fabrication



Brand & Innovation Strategy

  • Brand Development
    • Brand Positioning
    • Competitive Market Analysis
    • Category & Market Expansion
  • Creative Direction
  • Trend Research & Insight
    • Design
    • Digital
    • Technology
  • Market Analysis
    • Retail & Retail Tech
    • Fashion & Fashion Tech
    • Travel & Travel Tech
  • Product Development