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A Chao design

helps brands + their tribes connect


A Chao design…

Comes to life as impactful stories, products, experiences and engagement. Digital and IRL.

Enhances meaningful connection while helping brands be brave in trying different things. To get different results.

Draws on unique multidisciplinary synthesis from travel, fashion, retail and tech. To explore thinking and doing in creative ways. 

Builds on cross disciplinary ideas and processes to resonate and engage users. Such as lifestyle storytelling and editorial ecommerce which fashion excels at applied to a tech product.

Creates synergy to empower.


Big picture thinking connects the dots cohesively between visual storytelling, product design, brand and innovation strategy.  My experience engaging in multifunctional roles creating, strategising and managing, from global companies to early stage startup and entrepreneurship, set the benchmark for multidisciplinary holistic approach. Nothing exists in silos.


Visual Storytelling

  • Content Creation

    • Website

    • Social Media

    • Email Marketing

  • Motion & Video: 2D Animation & Cinemagraph

  • Product Flat Lay Photography

  • Editorial Curation

  • Visual Identity

    • Logo Design

    • Iconography

  • Lookbooks

  • Presentations

  • Copywriting


Product Design

  • Trend and Market Analysis

  • Product Strategy

  • Design Sketch and Rendering

  • Technical Spec

  • Prototyping

  • Material and Technique Development

  • Sourcing and Manufacturing

  • Price Structure

  • Testing & Revisions

  • Graphic Design

  • Industrial Design

  • Fashion Accessories Design

  • Laser Cut Fabrication



Brand & Innovation Strategy

  • Brand Development

    • Brand Positioning

    • Competitive Market Analysis

    • Category & Market Expansion

  • Creative Direction

  • Trend Research & Insight

    • Design

    • Digital

    • Technology

  • Market Analysis

    • Retail & Retail Tech

    • Fashion & Fashion Tech

    • Travel & Travel Tech

  • Product Development