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Creativity is thinking up new things.  Innovation is doing new things.

- Theodore Levitt


Social Impact

Excited about tech for good’s social impact potential, I help in building a lifestyle brand with founder Jillian of Safe & The City to bring a vision of street-smarts at your fingertips to safely navigate cities by informing, empowering and transforming through crowdsourced user data, to create safer, more inclusive places to walk, work and live starting with London.  

Innovation Insights: 140+ Events with 350+ Speakers & Demos

Exploring innovation synergies in London ecosystem across creative and tech, I attended 140 plus events covering the breadth from design, digital, disruption, startups, branding, marketing, fashion, retail, wearables to IoT, VR/ AR/ MR and AI, the emerging tech powering brands ahead.  I invite you to check out this 👉🏼 events directory 👈🏼 with links to 350 plus speakers with demos sprinkled throughout.  You can likewise follow their work and attend future events to learn from these thought leaders, design thinkers, disruptors, changemakers and futurists shaping our direction forward. 

Looking forward to connect at a future events.        

London Innovation Ecosystem

Multidisciplinary collaboration between creative and tech is ever more important in fostering innovative thinking and doing.  My ongoing project mapping this ecosystem aims to learn, connect and enhance synergies to boost the power of community.  How do interconnected themes translate into ideas and action across various circles and overlap to innovate collectively?      



Communities + Synergies

If you're curious about the latest happenings across the creative and tech spectrum, London readily provides opportunities to seek and connect with communities innovating at the forefront.  Excitingly, platforms such as WEAR Sustain specifically aim to bring together creatives and technologists in cross-disciplinary collaboration to design and develop wearable technologies and smart textiles towards more sustainable approach.  Various VR/ AR organisations enable enthusiasts to learn alongside the knowledgeable and taste what may become ubiquitous in our future.  While empowering tech circles champion women and diversity.    

I invite you to explore the myriad of groups, events, and annual exhibitions forming the framework to connect the dots between creative and tech, design and science, human and machine in our increasingly interconnected world.  Insights to come on the INSPIRE blog.  Please stay tuned.            

Emerging Tech

What are the potential benefits when emerging technologies such as XR, AI, and blockchain create disruptive synergies to take how things are done today steps forward towards a smarter, better tomorrow?  


Insights on UK-China collaborations and ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence as we move towards an AI-centric future with advances of machine learning in this emerging tech.