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VR Diversity Initiative

Passionate about inclusion in tech, I'm part of the VR Diversity Initiative bringing workshops to help under-represented groups get hands on with XR technologies in the immersive spectrum including 360 film, virtual reality, mixed reality, web VR and augmented reality.  

Floor Plan 

With XR equipment such as VR headsets needing specific space parameters for optimal tracking and to avoid interference between different headsets, extensive need for charging cords and power sources and juggling equipment setup from VR ready PCs and laptops to 360 cameras and software needed to run programmes, I came up with the creative solution to draw floor plans of the event space to scale to plan out capacity based on equipment to instructor availability to participant ratios best for engagement and learning and to revise and update as changes happen constantly. Without this, it would be a nightmare to visualise and plan ahead for all the technical needs for such technology intensive workshops. Floor plans have been a tool I turn to first from fashion days for showroom build and collection layout, and vital when working with contractors in Bali during construction for the surf accommodation and for designing room layouts and plans for furniture and interiors.