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Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

- Coco Chanel


Fashion + Retail + Tech

With an extensive fashion background, I help brands, entrepreneurs, and startups with market analysis, trend insight, design direction, and brand strategy at the intersection of fashion, retail, and tech.  

How can we translate innovation at this crossroads into impactful products and experiences, bringing value in the everyday?  This question fuels my study of pioneering examples below across smart textiles, wearables, customisation, omnichannel, and experiential to bring ideas towards practice, and learn about emerging tech applications from XR, IoT, and blockchain that intersect macro trends such as movement towards conscious consumerism.  The connected in-store where customers have the ability to scan product labels to display life cycle information that makes the experience interesting via AR engagement, while encouraging brand responsibility and transparency via blockchain technology is a prime instance of innovations working together towards solving social and personal pain points in a movement towards conscious consumerism.       


Animated sound bites from fashion tech summit to inspire further discussion at the crossroads of sustainability, innovation, digital, and design thinking in fashion and retail.  

Brands and Background

Love of fashion brought me to New York where I honed accessories design savvy and technical know-how, alongside trend foresight and brand development acumen integral to commercial success.  Over a decade, I had the fortune to learn from expertise of the best and fastest moving strategic partners worldwide at fashion conglomerates.  

Kathy Van Zeeland | Li & Fung

Mentored by visionaries Kathy Van Zeeland and Bruce Makowsky at Nine West and later at their namesake company subsequently acquired by Li & Fung, I lived and breathed the ethos of building great product at the heart of a brand while moving at lightning speed to deliver to market.  Beyond design and product development, I enjoyed a pivotal role in brand development to grow the Kathy Van Zeeland brand's European business, collaborating with Italian partner Fingen to provide market specific needs and logistics.  Empowered by startup style agility and multifunction impact, the experience enhanced my creative and strategic thinking and doing.   Additionally private label collections for a roster of department stores sharpened client  

Nine West + Esprit  + Enzo Angiolini | Jones Apparel Group

Nine West and Enzo Angiolini laid the foundation for my understanding of product and business needs across wholesale, retail, and international divisions and customer segments.

Relaunching bags for Esprit, coordinating with apparel and footwear, provided valuable experience in how to refresh an iconic brand’s identity while staying true to core values.

Lucky Brand | Liz Claiborne

Designing at Lucky Brand brought experimentation with innovative techniques and materials to achieve vintage aesthetics, while redefining the creative direction to align with apparel and streamlining supplier manufacturer processes for efficiency and production quality consistency.  

G Unit + Avirex + Zoo York | Marc Ecko Enterprises 

Helping to build a new accessories division at Marc Ecko Enterprises, graffiti artist turned entrepreneur, was an exciting chapter when urban and skate streetwear became ubiquitous, especially since old school hip hop and skate culture play important influences in my formative years.   

Bali: Nagicia | K&I + Kaleidoscope

When travel and surf brought me to Bali, an island of creative entrepreneurs, I partnered with jewelry designer Tricia Kim to create handbags for Nagicia artisan brand.  Bags created for K&I and Kaleidoscope showcase the island's embellishment handcraft reflecting brand founder's boho chic resort wear following from Bali to Ibiza and St. Tropez.  

Brands & companies I've contributed design, product & brand development for.

Brands & companies I've contributed design, product & brand development for.

Kathy Van Zeeland

Handbag collections featured in over 1,300 stores worldwide, ranging from Macy’s department stores to international retail stores in Italy, and online retailer Zappos under the leadership of co-founders Kathy Van Zeeland and Bruce Makowsky.  

Accessories Council  Valentine's Day Top Pick: Mr. Postman satchel from collection with postcard print

Accessories Council Valentine's Day Top Pick: Mr. Postman satchel from collection with postcard print

Highlights working alongside Kathy at the heart of design and brand development include: 

  • Designer of the Year Award at the Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball

  • Apparel collection launch at Milan Fashion Week

  • Brand guardianship of category expansion into luggage, shoes, apparel, and jewelry as a lifestyle brand

"Amy is an incredibly creative person.  She's passionate about her projects, a natural leader, dedicated to her work and to her team, super resourceful and constantly wanting to grow and learn.  She has incredible energy and is always inspiring to to work with.  Any individual and/or company would be incredibly lucky to have Amy as a team member." - Kathy Van Zeeland

G Unit: Urban Streetwear Accessories