Looking to connect deeper with your tribe on the same wavelength? Interested to explore how a multifaceted design, digital and innovation strategist could help as your brand connector? Intrigued? Let’s chat and get to know each other.  


I help curious, daring, adventurous brands engage their audience URL and IRL. Interested in fresh ideas and cross-industry best practice synthesised through unique mix of travel, fashion, retail and tech savvy? Let’s explore how I can help your brand power up.

  • Visual communication design and strategy to amplify your brand message where your audience lives

  • Brand development to innovate by connecting the dots in new ways with what you already have

  • Power combo holistically enable your product, experience, service to create more valuable human connection and engagement throughout digital and physical touchpoints

Flip the switch to power on this framework! How? I translate extensive trend insights, market analysis, thought leadership and audience needs into action points for you.




Curiosity for people, cultures, places, trends and what’s new on the horizon permeates my worldview and work, as a born explorer and citizen of the world. With trendspotting honed across travel, fashion, retail, surf segueing to tech and immersive, I’m your finger on the pulse partner.


Travel continuously seeks out new experiences, and to travel is to learn, grow, go beyond what you know.

Fashion demands newness, and more than ever, need for change towards sustainability with rise of conscious consumerism.

Retail must evolve with customer needs, wants and habits, as seen by inventive mixed use spaces, D2C, clicks to bricks.

Where surf discovery leads, digital nomads and tourism follows.

Emerging tech such as IoT, machine learning and AI will further change the way we work, live, travel, consume and play exponentially as data is produced, collected, analysed.

Immersive is the next medium after mobile, whether the reality is augmented (AR), mixed (MR) or virtual (VR) in the XR spectrum.

As convergence transcend silos, the common thread across industries is brands who lead that anticipate and answer changing lifestyle needs being attuned to their tribe and trends. Tuning in to this instinct is the theme of my diverse background. Interested to dig into your tribe’s needs together? Tell me more about your brand to collaborate.



How is my multidisciplinary experience valuable for you? By integrating best practice and insight across disciplines and functions, we empower holistic innovative thinking and doing. This approach is second nature having designed, strategised and managed across global companies, corporates, startups, entrepreneurship, social enterprise and not-for-profit in Europe, America and Asia. My versatile design background enable physical and digital know-how spanning fashion accessories, graphics, content, products, apps, interior, laser cutting to sculptures for high net worth property development. Embracing diversity fuels my creative mindset, alongside technical understanding and strategic approach crucial to collaboration. Tap my can-do for your brand.


Innovative thinking and doing in action:

  • Develop creative and brand direction for London design hostel build IRL and URL, where ‘grammable physical space produce experiential and marketing gold in converging travel industry segment where boutique hotel chains adopt hostel community and social experience ethos

  • Translate brand’s mission into lifestyle storytelling, as fashion’s forte, to engage audience beyond the tech and increase app adoption at startup social enterprise tackling sexual harassment

  • Spearhead fashion market analysis on subscription model and retail, styling apps for engineer founder to understand audience personas and needs in developing connected smart clothing label and app MVP

  • Introduce and create floor plans for technical setup of immersive workshops (VR, web VR, MR, 360) for not-for-profit championing diversity in XR, and engage partnerships beyond XR communities to wider innovation ecosystem and audience segments

  • Build surf stay creative traveller hub concept prior to digital nomad community explosion in Canggu, Bali from first-hand experience of growing lifestyle integrating travel, surf, work, creativity, wellness

  • Evangelise social media adoption at NY based global fashion lifestyle brand prior to digital marketing department in nascent days to grow fan community, and as a result of social media feedback implement customer service protocol to service audience needs and protect brand reputation

  • Market independent travel at music events tapping into intersection of lifestyle interests for audience engagement and brand association before widespread experiential marketing

Curious to see how we can explore, create, connect for your brand and tribe? Let’s journey together!